Who we are

We are expert in training and research in molecular immunology, gene expression profiling, microfluorometry of immune cells, molecular and immunopathology of specimens, and we have keen interest in infectious diseases, specially in molecular diagnosis, unraveling mechanisms of protective immunity, pathogenesis, and pathogenic immune responses induced in the host.

MIUis an interdisciplinary effort that brings together young researchers and professionals, to tackle the question: How can we advance scientific research in Egypt through the development of shared vision and views?

Our vision

is to empower young researchers, and professionals in intelligent networks to share knowledge on how to build Egypt based on Science and Technology and make it visible, accessible, and ever expanding.

What we do

We advance scientific research in Egypt through Training, Consultations and Research. Weoffer young scientistswide variety of training opportunities to enhance their capacity as multidisciplinary researchers and foster the translation of their research findings into industry. New molecular biological methods have led to considerable progress as concerns epidemiological monitoring of microbial infections. As a specialized laboratory, MIU carries out molecular epidemiology and microbiological diagnostics in biosafety class environment.

MIU’s research and development is closely connected to its other preventative measures, as well as to the current public health situation. The research carried out at MIU brings an increased flow of external grants (from for example the EU and US-Egypt joint fund). In this manner space is created for research of long term importance to Egyptian and international protection against infectious diseases.

One major international arena is MIU’s involvement in public health and in the form of research into tuberculosis, and HCV infections. This international cooperation provides MIU with access to extensive research material within the infectious diseases field.

Tools & Technology >> Laboratory Investigations

  • Assessment of humoral & cellular immunity
  • Phenotypic analysis of cells by Flowcytometry
  • Cytokine measurements (ELispot, Insitu Hybridization and Flowcytometry)
  • Apoptosis
  • Immunological assessment of autoimmune diseases
  • Diagnosis of primary immunodeficiency diseases
  • Tumor markers (tissue & blood)
  • Lymphocyte & phagocyte function tests
  • Cryo preservation & cryosectioning
  • Lymphocyte & phagocyte function testsImmunohistochemical staining of tissue sections
  • Preparation & purification of antigens
  • Serological diagnosis of infectious